MusicPartner AB

The company was founded in 2003 with the aim of helping companies find the right music at the right time at the right volume. In simple terms, to improve music management, create a good customer environment and eliminate the risk of customers infringing copyright. We are a content supplier, i.e. we focus on giving the customer the right content and tools, as for equipment we always choose local partners who are specialists within their fields. The company is strongly innovation-driven and also promotes the development of copyright issues for the fitness industry. When it concerns music distribution we are fully independent, but today delivery is usually over the Internet.


As a customer you like to feel your suppliers know what they are doing. And that their routines are quality assured. Especially when the product is music, which is based on feelings. And since every individual has their own preferences, it does not make things easier. And to build up a music archive that can then be controlled based on given conditions and be matched to the values of your company demands experience. Our background is in radio, even that a business with a music archive as the main core of its offering.


Genuine commitment. For music. For business. Our aim is for our customers to perceive us as sensitive, committed and professional. So far we have succeeded, our customer surveys show this.